This is my first attempt of building a web control using ajax. So far so good. This is an aspnet control that creates the bing map control for version 7. This is not VEMaps.

What has been done so far...

Create the Bing Map
Use the BingTheme
Inforbox can show on click, on mouseover or you can display a tooltip only
Set options for Map
Set Center and Zoom
Assign Bing Key
Added Layer
Add InfoBox to later
Add pushpins, polygons, polylines to a layer (no longer direct to map)
Set view bounds to polygon / polyline
Add java script with AddScript method. All references to the map in code should be with "<map>"
Pushpins can have custom icons
Easy fill and strokecolor constants (these now use system.drawing.color)
Maps.Color (argb) is now derived from System.Drawing.Color with conversion function
Polygons can be added with transparency by changing the A to 127 (set IsTransparent = true)

The latest source and example is on the source code tab.

To do

Import KML, Asri Shape, Dbf, GeoRSS etc
Event Handling
Testing inside UpdatePanel

To note

Not all functionality of the SDK will be implemented here as my focus is on what I can use for my projects. However if anyone needs functionality that is not implemented, I am welcome to comments and suggestions.

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